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Fishing is yet another tourism activity carried at Lake Mburo national park.  The lake is endowed with 6 fish species, with the most commonly caught species being tilapia. Other species include: cat fish, lung fish, tiger fish, Angara fish and barbell. The most common fishing spot at the Mburo is Mazinga, for those tourist interested I doing a fish safari have to carry their own equipment and as access permits from Uganda wildlife Authority.

fishing at lake mburo national park

 The  fishing Areas.

 The national park has got approximately five lakes inside. Pushing it to a total of 12 small lakes altogether around and In the park and lake Mburo being the biggest one.  The fisher man frequently fish from lake Mburo instead of other lakes, this is attributed to the fact that lake Mburo has more fish compared to other lake around. Still the most common fish species caught it Tilapia. Tourist can also engage in the fishing activity (sport fishing) and later transport the fish to the lodge where it’s prepared for them to enjoy. The entire exercise gives travelers a feeling of attachment especially when fish caught.