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Speaking of a attractions around lake Mburo,   the park is endowed with several activities and sites among of which include the Igongo cultural center.  Igongo cultural center is situated on the high way to Mbarara, approximately 10 km from the Nshara gate, accessible both from Mbarara and the park headquarters.  The cultural center exudes and show cases complete experience of the cultural practices exhibited by the Banyakitara people, living in western Uganda.  The banyakitara   ethnic group encompasses tribes such as the Banyankole, Bakiga, Batooro,Bahima and Banyoro.

The  igongo cultural center has got a line of artifacts that clearly portray the former ways of lives of these ethnic groups, some of the remarkable ones include:  the traditional huts that were used as houses and shelter for the people, a museum that has some of the tools and instruments that the tribes once used for various purposes and occasions.  Your visit to the cultural center will also give you justification for why some of the tribes and are attached to long horned and cattle and how they adapt to their ways of lives.

In the cultural center, you will also be treated to a whole variety of the local food/ cuisines and if you prefer, modes on how to prepare the meals can also be well explained to you. The entire food thing chips you into a little bit of the culinary safaris experience. A visit to Igongo cultural center will surely not only leave you with and insight of the banyakitara, but a whole lot of experience.