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Lake Mburo cultural experience

Uganda wildlife Authority lake Mburo Sector, in conjunction with UCOTA has recently (1 year ago) Identified 13 groups of people living around Lake Mburo national park. These locals were to be trained by African Wildlife Foundation and its sister initiative dubbed Tourism for the Diversity. These groups underwent five top training programs which include: community business tourism planning, community operation tourism planning, community based tourism concept planning, community tourism marketing and sales product development and community tourism planning and interpretive guiding.  Of the 13 groups that entered training, 9 groups emerged successful in completing the training; they were also awarded certificates to verify the success full completion.

The mentioned programs are geared towards making sure the local communities are equipped with tourism and hospitality techniques such as offering community experience to tourists there by earning revenue thereby boosting on their income hence improving on their standards of living. With the same courses awareness will also be created in form of conservation of wildlife as well as strengthening social ties. The nine groups consist of 294 individuals / members. Below are the nine groups and their various placements in community tourism impact.

Ankole cultural community  tourism group.

The Ankole cultural community tourism group is responsible taking the tourist through the milking procedures, preservations   and making of ghee, making hand crafts. They are also conduct guided villages walks and they also conserving by planting trees.

Igongo cultural institute

Igongo cultural institute  show cases the cultural lifestyle of the banyakitara people , in form of  mode of house construction,  preparation of Eshabwe (local Mayonnaise), culinary safaris, preparation of milk and  making ghee.

Rwanjeru campsite – responsible for giving of the indigenous cows watering adventure, preparation and processing of local foods and juices among others.

Rwabarata cultural Drama group – this group specializes on performances of local/ cultural songs thereby the serve as entertainers though music and dance.

Rwammhuka – This group specializes in making local handcrafted crafts, and sells them.

SSana community lodge; This lodge helps avail affordable accommodation facilities to travelers.

Nshara community tourism- This group also deals in selling local crafts to tourists, cultural walks, nature walks, camping sites, birding safaris etc.

Rubale fishing community;  this  group is responsible for  conducting fishing  explorations both local and  modern fishing.