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Experience Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National park , lake Mburo Safaris

Lake Mburo National park is amazingly the closest national park to Kampala , it also doubles as the smallest national park. Situated between Masaka and Mbarara district   taking approximately 4 hours’ drive time to arrive. The park covers an area of 370km² including the lakes ( 5 lakes).  Lake Mburo  is endowed  with several  wildlife species  to mention  recently translocated giraffes,  buffaloes, elands, waters bucks, antelopes, zebras, oribis, topis , warthogs as you take a boat cruise on lake Mburo you will be in position to observe ,  hippos and crocodiles.  In addition, the park also is home a wide a ray of birds amounting to 350 species some which include water birds, forest and savanna birds.

 Lake Mburo national park has got thrilling activities that keep its visitors on the select safaris  always on the desire for more.  Some of the most common tourism activities at Lake Mburo include; Game drive in the park, boat cruise on Lake Mburo, birding/ bird watching, Nature walks, the unique horse riding to view wildlife, fishing , cultural tours and cycling among others.  Park Can be accessed in two gates,  namely Nshara gate accessible when one is driving from Kampala side and Sanga gate accessible when one is coming from Mbarara side. despite the small size of lake mburo national park, it  never ceases to amaze its visitors on safari  because of the so many activities that can take part in.


Activities and Attractions in lake Mburo National park

Game Drives

For any savannah African safari, its considered   safari or a rewarding one until a game drive is conducted.  Its therefore by all means that game drives are the prime activity one can.

Boat Cruise

Another rewarding activity one ought to look for, when they are in Lake Mburo national park is a boat cruise. The cruise on the lake equally  guarantees one a view of the amazing flora and founa.


Bird watching at Lake Mburo.  Birding has increasingly become an attraction at lake Mburo national park. With the huge bird species that frequently storm the park, birding clearly keeps on growing.

Guided nature walks

Taking a guided nature walks at Lake Mburo national park is a highly welcome activity. The park is open to all visitors who intend to do guided nature walk and is usually conducted along with the ranger guide.

Horse back riding

Another unique aspect of lake Mburo national park is the ability for one to carry out a game viewing exercise while riding a horse. The fascinating activity gives the park a distinction from the rest of the country’s

Fishing safaris 

Fishing is yet another tourism activity carried at Lake Mburo national park.  The lake is endowed with 6 fish species, with the most commonly caught species being tilapia.

Lake Mburo National park , lake Mburo Safaris Packages

Experience  some of the  most bizare safaris moment while on  your lake mburo national park  safari or simply lake Mburo   safaris. Lake Mburo National park  cannot be overlooked in terms of offering some of the best incredible Uganda safari experience because of its size. lake mburo’s proximty to the main city of Kampala  offers it leverage  interms of visitors   access .

3 Days lake Mburo safari

Pleasurable 3 days lake Mburo safari, sees you at of Uganda’s hidden wildlife havens, situated between Masaka and Mbarara. The park is the nearest to Kampala with

5 Days lake Mburo and bwindi safari

Engage in a 5 Days lake Mburo and bwindi safari to Lake Mburo national park and to Bwindi forest national park. 

4 Days Kibale chimpanzee trekking and Lake Mburo safari

This 4 days Kibale chimpanzee trekking and Lake Mburo safari entails scenic a drive to the fort portal   town   with a view of its

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