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06 Apr 2022

Cycling tours in lake Mburo National park

Cycling tours in lake Mburo National park

Cycling tours in lake Mburo National park : Cycling tours which is as well as known as bicycle safari is one of the outdoor activities you can delight in when on a trip to Lake Mburo National Park. This gives you a marvelous chance to groove on the park’s mesmerizing unique wildlife and eye-catching landscapes. Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park pulls you closer to the unique breathtaking wildlife like; Impala antelopes, Burchell’s zebras, Rothschild giraffes, bush bucks, antelopes, Elands to mention but a few. The activity takes about one hour.

In the article below, we present you exclusive information about everything you need to know about cycling in Lake Mburo National Park.

What you should expect on a cycling tour in the park

First of all, it is crucial to note that all the cycling trips are conduced and organized by the Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger guides. You are guaranteed a superb tour because these people have a great experience and every knowledge about all the areas where you can encounter the parks wildlife finest.

On your wonderful cycling in lake Mburo National Park, expect to do some incredible body exercises as you delight in game viewing. The management team at the park is well equipped with over 15 mountain bikes and you can rent them at a fair price or still its upon you to come with yours and save some money.

Expect to get challenged by the wonderful landscape of Lake Mburo National Park due to sloppy and hilly area though some are flat. It is really inconveniencing and tiresome but offers a lifetime memory.

In the case of bird lovers, you are going to encounter multiple birding sites in this fascinating park. It is home to many birding sites like forest trails alongside the roadside in the jetty and Rwonyo camp, swampy valleys (Miriti and Waruki), the salt licks among others. Enjoy viewing super colorful birds like common scrimitarbill, red headed love bird, coqui francolin, black bellied bustard, rufous bellied, emerald spotted among others.

Is it safe to enjoy cycling in Lake Mburo National Park?

Indeed, you are very safe cycling in this park however much the activity is a wild adventure. If one get a chance to cycle, you are guaranteed to maneuver through very safe routes of lake Mburo. It should be noted that cycling in this given park is so possible since it is the smallest savannah park in Uganda with very few life-threatening animals that may be of danger to a cyclist. All the animals in the park are very calm and peaceful provided you do not interrupt their peace otherwise animals like buffaloes become so aggressive if at all you try.

During cycling, you should not worry about safety because you are escorted by well trained and armed ranger guides all the way through. The ranger guide makes sure that no tragedy befalls you as enjoying the activity therefore no worries when it comes to safety.

lake Mburo cycling

However, you should know that prior to the start of cycling, the management team establishes paths that you go through to forested hills, plain savannah grasslands, swampy valleys and forested hills. However, establishing routes always depends on a traveler’s likes for example, some like to navigate flat plains, others hilly routes, forested, plain savannah grasslands among others.

What you should pack for a cycling trip to Lake Mburo National Park.

  • On your cycling safari to the park, do not forget to pack the following;
  • Very light clothes.
  • Pack a helmet just in case you are coming with your own bike. The ones hired from the park always have their own.
  • Do not forget binoculars for vivid viewing of various bids and wildlife.
  • A camera to take photos for memories.
  • Lots of drinking water.
  • Insect repellent.

It is crucial to note that Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah park in the pearl of Africa but blessed with many interesting activities you can delight in on a Uganda Safari apart from cycling. Other wonderful activities you can enjoy in on a Uganda Safari in Lake Mburo National park Like are; game drives, horse back riding, birding, boat cruise and many more.

Are you a family, solo or a group travelers? And you are looking for an adventurous activity to enjoy on your Uganda roadtrip, feel free to include cycling on your activity safari bucklist. Let us hope the above information about cycling in Lake Mburo National Park has been of great use to you. For more inquiries and how to book a bicycle safari in Lake Mburo National Park, contact our travel experts.

06 Apr 2022

Lake Mburo Boat Cruise

The Lake Mburo Boat Cruise/Boat cruise safari on Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo Boat Cruise: Also known as the smallest savannah park, Lake Mburo National Park is the only closest national park to Kampala city or Entebbe Airport, it is found about 240km and 290km road distance respectively.  From Kampala, it takes you about 2 hours drive to enter this wonderful safari destination. The 370 square km this Savannah park covers an area of about 370 square kilometers, it is home to five beautiful lakes including Lake Mburo which is the largest among them. It offers a breathtaking boat cruise tours that gives tourists an opportunity to explore a diversity of different the flora and fauna found with in the park. You enjoy boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park on an engine boat and this takes visitors on board upclose to the wildlife.

The boat cruise experience in Lake Mburo national park 

The boat cruise on Lake Mburo is a great opportunity to groove on charming small and big wildlife of the park that flock the shores of this lake. It is a 2 hour launch trip that starts from Rwonyo taking you along the Eastern banks of the lake. This boat cruise provides impressive sightings of a number of animals including hippos, buffalo, crocodile, waterbuck and many others.

More to this, the water bird-life is amazing- the trip gives perfect sightings of pied kingfishers, herons, Ross’s Turaco, narina trogon, pelicans, harmmerkop and cormorants among others. The elusive shoebill stork can be spotted on a lucky day.

boat cruise in lakes Mburo National park

Price of the boat cruise on Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo boat cruise is done with two boats; there is a small one which takes 4-8 people and the big one that takes more people. With the boat cruise cost, it does not matter which boat you are taking, the prices are fixed and the same; $30 for international visitors and UGX30,000 for East African citizens.

Things to know before heading for the boat cruise tour on Lake Mburo

  • Boat cruise tours are conducted in the morning, afternoon and evenin
  • The boat trip lasts about 2 hours
  • There are two boats- big and small, and which one to use depends on the number
  • Booking in advance is important and helpful of passengers availableWhat is the best time for boat cruise safaris on Lake Mburo

Although the Lake Mburo national park is open to all travelers through out the year, the best time to go for boat cruise in the park is during the dry season which is from January to February and June to mid-September. During this period, there is little or no rain and the roads taking you into the park are dry, easy to navigate through. In addition, the water areas in other parts of the park are also dry, thus forcing most animals to move to the permanent water sources to quench off their thirsty and cool their bodies as the temperature is high.

The best time recommended to go for a boat cruise on Lake Mburo is during the mid-morning to evening when it’s quite hot, many animals gather on the shores of the lake(to drink and cool their bodies) and views are clearer. Although, the activity can be done at any time of the day.

Other things to add to your boat cruise safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national Park is the only host to unique wildlife species like impala antelope and Elands in Uganda. Although you encounter other fascinating wildlife including the big population of Burchell’s zebras, waterbucks, Uganda kobs and buffaloes among others. A few years ago, the rothchild giraffes were introduced in Lake Mburo and they are thriving and multiplying everyday though they were once residents from the past. It is paramount to note that Lake Mburo National Park is one of the most underrated wildlife safari destinations in Uganda, it is a fabulous place with one of the most mesmerizing landscapes featuring different vegetations.

Both wildlife and the scenery of this park can be explored through the following activities;

Beside Lake Mburo National Park where else can go on a Uganda Safari ?

  • It is important to note that Uganda – the Pearl of Africa has alot to offer on a Uganda Safari besides lake Mburo National park. If you are a primate lover, you can choose to visit Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park for a gorilla trekking experiencing, Bwindi forest is one of the best safari park in Uganda, famously known for hosting almost half of the remaining Mountain gorilla species in the World about 500 mountain gorilla individuals surviving here.
  • Alternatively, on your primate tour, feel free to go chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park also referred to as the primate capital of East Africa featuring about 13 exciting primates including the huge impressive number of chimpanzee population plus other primate like white and black columbus, monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey checked Mangabey, Vervet monkeys, l’hoest monkeys, l’hoest monkeys among others.
  • For game/ wildlife viewing safaris, we argue you to visit stunning national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park – a home to the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector and known for hosting huge populations of charming wildlife species like herds of African Buffaloes, Elephants, thousands of hippos, Nile crocodiles, warthogs, bushbucks, Uganda kobs , leopard among others.
  • A wildlife safari takes you to Murchison falls national park – the largest and oldest safari park, this place is famous home to the might magnificent Murchison falls waterfalls – one of the beautiful waterfalls in Uganda. While here, there alot to groove on including the stunning wildlife species, eye catching landscape and enjoying a boat cruise on the Victoria Nile among other thrilling attractions.
  • The closest Safari parks you can combine with your lake Mburo safari are Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable forest national parks which make a Uganda Safari extremely exciting.

30 Jul 2021

Lake Mburo National park fees

Lake Mburo National park fees

Lake Mburo National park fees :  Uganda’s Lake Mburo National Park is one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the country Uganda . It is located close to Uganda’s capital city Kampala.

Lake Mburo national park is a top attraction for wildlife lovers as it has a great diversity of animals such as zebra, giraffe, impala, eland, buffalo, topis , jacksons hartbeest warthog and many more.

Lake Mburo National Park is home to various wildlife such as buffalo, leopard among others. lake mburo national park is also home to a wide array of bird species some of which include the handsome francolin, shoe bill stork, African finfoot, brown chested wattled plover, tabora cisticola, saddle billed stork, great snipe african fish eagles, yellow warblers, Abyssinian ground hornbill, saddle billed stork among others.

Park entry fees for lake Mburo national park

the park fees are are charged per person intending to access the park.

Status Rates

Adults Foreign non-residents US$ 40

Foreign residents US$ 30

East African residents UGx 20,000

Children Foreign non residents US$ 20

Foreign residents US$ 10

East African residents UGx 5,000

Education institution and student rates

Many people who visit Lake Mburo National Park for educational purposes are students. They come from various schools and universities.

Status Rates

East African students Students/ pupils UGx 3,000

University students UGx 5,000

East African wildlife clubs UGx 2,000

Student groups UGx 3,000

Tertiary institutions UGx 5,000

Annual park entrance rates

Annual park entrance rates are computed based on the number of visitors who visit the park per year and are not applicable to groups or individuals.

Annual park fees

Status Rates

Individuals International visitors US$ 350

East African UGx 15,000

Groups International visitors US$ 500

East African UGx 200,000

Family with not more than 4 individuals UGx 300,000

These rates are applicable to all companies and organizations that allow their employees to visit Lake Mburo National Park.

East African UGx rates for individuals and groups.

East African UGx group rates East African group rates East African group rates East African group rates

tour Operator fees

These rates are charged by various tour and safari companies and organizations operating in the park.

Driver rates

Driver rates are for drivers who transport tourists to the park, drivers belonging to companies do not pay any fee.

Taxi drives belonging to no travel company pay a rate of 100,000 UGx

Vehicle park entry rates

These rates are paid by vehicles accessing the park, these rates were drafted according to the type of the vehicle or vessel.

Status Rate

Motorcycles International US$ 30

East African UGx 10,000

Mini buses International US$ 50

East African UGx 30,000

Tour company vehicle International US$ 120

East African UGx 30,000

Pickups and 4WD International US$ 50

East African UGx 30,000

Saloon cars East African UGx 20,000

SUVs and 4X4 WDS East African UGx 30,000

Activity rates


GAME DRIVE DAY US $ 20 US $ 20 UGx 20,000

NIGHT US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 50,000

Nature walk US $ 30 US $ 15 UGx 10,000

Boat ride Big boat US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 30,000

Small boat US $ 20 US $ 20 UGx 20,000

Cycling US $ 30 US $ 30 UGx 30,000

These rates are for an individual

Although Lake Mburo national park has horseback riding, this activity is not operated by Uganda Wildlife Authority and is instead managed by a private institute that is Mihingo lodge . The park’s rates are also drafted by Mihingo Lodge.


1 hour US $ 25

2 hours US $ 70

3 hours US $ 90

4 hours US $ 100


30 minutes (1/2) hour US $ 40

1 hours US $ 60

2 hours US $ 110

3 hours US $ 130

When you are thinking of a safari in Uganda and Africa at large, considering Lake Mburo national park is a very safe a perfect decision as the park offers many breathtaking activities at very affordable rates