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Taking a guided nature walks at Lake Mburo national park is a highly welcome activity. The park is open to all visitors who intend to do guided nature walk and is usually conducted along with the ranger guide. From Rwonyo the park center, the guided walks take you to the salt lick presumably the candy place for numerous wildlife. At the salt licks, wildlife/ animals parade themselves to enjoy the taste of the salty licks made of up of water and soil. Another nature walk starts from 7:00am and runs for 2 hours, this takes place at the western part of Lake Mburo, guaranteeing you encounters with the hippos coming out of the waters as well as the hyenas returning to their dens. Another exciting walk is through the forest unearthing view of the birds that the forest accommodates, further walks woodland grants you opportunities to see other mammals and hikes to the hill exposes you   view of the 9   sections topped up with the 14 lakes around the park.

Guided Nature walks at lake mburo national park

Another fascinating bit of the nature walk is the walk through the Rubanga forest suitable for travelers who have interests in birding and view of nature. This forest walk is should be arranged earlier and should be conducted alongside the   ranger.

At Lake Mburo national park another part of nature walk, is the hike. This activity requires adequate preparation   such as carrying the right clothes, shoes and lunch box with drinking water, during the hike, you will be position to sit at the ridge having lunch as well as having an amazing view of the national park. All this should be conducted under guidance of the Uganda wildlife Authority.

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